Cheap lodging options for travelers

Hey y’all, I hope you are doing well and dreaming of traveling because I sure am!


The second most expensive part about traveling is finding a place to rest your head at night. Hotels can get so expensive and as a college traveler on a budget the last thing I am doing is spending 100+ dollars a night! Here are some of the top sites that I use to find cheap or even free stay!


  1. Hostels- imagine a big room with a bunch of bunk beds and some lockers. It sounds a bit sketchy and that someone might steal your things but odds are.. they wont! Hostelworld is by all means my favorite website; yes, over too. Hostels are so versatile; I have been to some that were hotels but with bunk beds, those that were houses and ones that were a mixture of an apartment and college residence halls. Make sure you look indepth and see what they have to offer. Some offer free breakfast, wifi, 24 hour front desk security, lockers (bring you own lock) and other goodies. For me, wifi , 24 hour security and luggage storage for before it’s time to check in or once it’s time for me to check out is the most important; I do NOT need to be carrying my luggage around the city for another 4 hours.
  2. Airbnb- Personally, airbnb just is not my go-to but I know other budget travelers who swear by it. Sometimes it’s even cheaper than staying in a hostel and you typically get your own room. It’s all about what you are looking for! I stayed in an airbnb when I was in Philly with my best friend and it was cheaper than the hostel we stayed in the night before. I prefer hostels because they usually give night time activities but if you enjoy your privacy, airbnb for the win!
  3. Couchsurfing- This app/website offers you a FREE alternative to housing, you swipe through profiles in the local area and essentially surf on others couches for free. Many want to spend time with other travelers and hear stories, experiences, etc. so it’s a perfect way to make a new friend and see what the locals do. Plus.. it’s free-ish!

happy traveling,



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