Top 3 Airfare Tools All Budget Travelers Should Know

As a traveler the brunt of expenses usually comes from airfare. It’s more expensive get to and from that place than it is to actually stay there so I present to you three airfare tools that have saved me loads of money and hopefully will save you some too!

  1. Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner is by all means my favorite site to use with an “Everywhere” option it gives you flight prices from least to most expensive to anywhere you want. This is how I decided to go to New Orleans for Spring Break 2016 and randomly decided to go to Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark this past February. When flight prices are too good to be true you have to take the opportunity ASAP. Another great tool is the monthly option, if you’re a college student like me then you have all of January and the summer off. (Minus the whole working thing but we can figure that out later) Sky Scanner gives you the whole months airfares so you can chose which dates are the cheapest. However, I have to warn you that if you’re just browsing and find a great deal it probably wont last until the next day, it happened to me with Costa Rica for $224 round trip! *cries in the distance*

  1. Student Universe

Student Universe teams up with flight companies to ensure you get the cheapest flight so if you already have a destination/s in mind then this is a great option. Plus, they have deals on local tours and hotel accommodation so you could get your whole package deal right on one website. They also have a flexible option that gives you multiple dates which could end up being cheaper as well. One of the unique things about this website is that you can chose a multi-city option and that will offer you many destinations in one trip.. more bang for your buck!

  1. Hopper

Lastly, we have the app Hopper. Besides it’s super cute logo it’s super easy to navigate through. You have a search option to put in your nearest airport and your ideal destination and gives you a month by month look on the cheapest dates to travel. My favorite part is that it’s color coded with green being the most economical and red being the most expensive. You can also “watch” flights and they’ll give you updates on the price of your flight and whether they see it projecting to go down or up. It’s a super handy tool and it’s right in your pocket.


Happy hunting,




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